I was referred to John Billetdoux by a close friend of mine who recommended him highly. I needed a Medicare Insurance Plan that was reasonable since the company I worked for had closed and I was no longer covered. John helped me choose the right plan for my individual needs The special attention he gave was exceptional. Without hesitation I gave John’s name to several of my neighbors and friends.John also did something else for me that was truly above and beyond. He knew I was looking for employment and gave me information and help in finding a job.John is not only my insurance agent, I consider him a friend.

- Margaret

You, sir are amazing! I so respect you right now!! I have been a practitioner in health care for 46 + years and feared this "medicare" day so much I waited until the last week before my 65th to sign up. I now firmly am convinced that people ARE good. You have just proved that to me. With so much volatility right now I need to feel comfortable choosing the right plan for me and I really appreciate your integrity! For the minor difference I will go with G. As I said, so far I will be ahead of the game so to speak as now I pay about 480+ a month (241 a pay) for crappy insurance with a 2000K deductible; and I work for Inspira; needless to say its a business now. That said I thank you for being upfront. I will fax my paper work tomorrow and will look to keep an eye on the October numbers! Thank you again!!!

- Debbie F.

The advice you gave my mom has literally saved her life, health-wise and financially, now that she has cancer. Your customers (and potential customers) should know this. Tell me where to post and I will put it on my to do list. My mom said just yesterday "Thank God for John Billetdoux.

- Anonymous

John, I wanted to let you know that I was able to reach Medicare after we spoke this past Saturday. After some escalation, a Medicare senior supervisor filed for an SEP on my behalf. Also, this morning (Monday) I filed a complaint with the New Jersey Banking and Insurance Division. When I hear back from either of these organizations I will be back in touch. Thank you again for making yourself available over the weekend. It is an indication of your dedication and integrity and I very much appreciate it. Have a happy and prosperous New Year!

- Bill

John is a Great Agent ! He guided me in procuring the best Supplemental Coverage and keeps in touch !

- Randall

I met John during one of his seminars and he was very knowledgeable about the very Medicare rules and policies. Last year I needed to join Medicare and was contacted by many insurance companies that often were not accurate and were not helpful. I wish I had met John last year because I made one Medicare mistake - but at least my wife now knows exactly what she should do when she turns 65 in the future. I recommend John to anyone that will soon turn 65 or is already on Medicare.

- Bob

John was extremely helpful, and patient, when walking us through Medicare coverages. It is very confusing and helped greatly to have a professional explain to you.

- Terri

He was super helpful when the time came to sign up for Medicare. He knows all the in’s and outs of the system and what is best for your individual situation. I have recommended him to friends.

- Susann

My husband and I have been dealing with John for years, and I will not be dealing with anyone else. I believe that he is a very honest agent and takes the time to explain the various plans. If I call John or leave an email, he would get back to me in a timely manner. And if I don't quite understand, he would offer to come to the house to explain further. That is really appreciated. I would recommend John to family members and friends should the need arise.

- Des

At 73 I am still working full time but decided I would get Medicare insurance rather than the insurance through my employer. I made an appointment with John. What a delight. He explained EVERYTHING. I am well informed, can make a sound decision and working with John was a pleasure. (He even put up with my ill-behaved dog). I highly recommend John.

- Karen

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