Specializing in Medicare and Senior Related Products

What We Do

We specialize in Medicare & Senior Insurance Solutions. We offer a wide array of products to meet our clients' ever changing needs. We are licensed & trained to make Medicare not so intimidating & confusing.

How We Do It

We work with dozens of insurance companies so we can offer our clients appropriate coverage that best suits their needs, with a focus on low cost and proper benefit structure. Our clients are located all across NJ, PA, DE, SC, FL, HI, and many other states, giving us a great feel for the insurance landscape.

Why We Do It

We realize that most people have no idea how Medicare works nor what their options are. Our vast experience help our clients make informed choices.

We realize that people are going to make life choices based on the information we provide. Taking this responsibility seriously is the reason much of our business comes from client referrals.

Services We Provide

Medicare Supplements

This is a popular option to supplement your Original Medicare Part A and Part B. To learn more simply click below...

Medicare Advantage

An alternative to Original Medicare, these plans are typically HMO and PPO plans with network providers...

Prescription Drug Plans

Prescription Drug plans are a requirement by CMS in order to help with the cost of prescriptions...

Dental Plans

One of the most sought after plans is Dental insurance. We have a variety of plans to review to see which is best for you and your needs...

Vision Plans

Many plans have little or no coverage when it comes to prescription eye wear and exams. We can help find a plan that is right for you...

Hearing Plans

Many of our clients came to us with a need to have benefits for hearing aids and exams. We have options to help with this benefit...

Final Expenses

Nobody likes to plan for this but it is an act of love when we do. This is a benefit that you give to the people you love once you are gone. Learn more below...

Hospital Indemnity Plans

When you have a plan that is full of co-pays and co-insurance, a Hospital Indemnity plan can help alleviate many of those costs...


It's not enough to protect your life and health, you also need to consider protecting your nest egg as it needs to last you for years to come...

What Our Clients Say

About Us


John was extremely helpful, and patient, when walking us through Medicare coverages. It is very confusing and helped greatly to have a professional explain to you.


I met John during one of his seminars and he was very knowledgeable about the very Medicare rules and policies. Last year I needed to join Medicare and was contacted by many insurance companies that often were not accurate and were not helpful. I wish I had met John last year because I made one Medicare mistake - but at least my wife now knows exactly what she should do when she turns 65 in the future. I recommend John to anyone that will soon turn 65 or is already on Medicare.


The advice you gave my mom has literally saved her life, health-wise and financially, now that she has cancer. Your customers (and potential customers) should know this. Tell me where to post and I will put it on my to do list. My mom said just yesterday "Thank God for John Billetdoux."

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